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On Monday, I flew to Houston to train the staff at a new paint and sip studio, Artistic Experiences. These are the things I learned and did while I was there:

  • When I got off of the plane and entered the terminal, the air was filled with the smells of Chinese food. The woman behind me breathed deeply and exclaimed, “Finally! It smells like Houston!” So, apparently, Houston is known for its Chinese food? I did not eat any while I was there. I did, however, eat my weight in TexMex cuisine.
  • There was white powder all over the inside of my rental car. Ummmmm, okay?
  • My GPS tried to break me, and, indirectly, succeeded. I was staying at a new hotel that doesn’t exist according to my GPS and the internet. So what should have been a 40 minute drive turned into almost 2 hours of driving up Hwy 290 and back down it and back up it and back down it. And it’s all under construction so GPS couldn’t decide if I should be on the frontage roads or on the highway so kept making me weave on and off on each loop. Finally went to the wrong hotel and got directions from them, but I was jittery by the time I made it to the final hotel. In my haste to get to the studio I was already late for, I wasn’t paying attention and mutilated my forehead and eyebrow on the car door. ‘Cause I’m cooridinated like that. Gushing blood, I asked the front desk for a first aid kit (to which the guy replied, “Ew, gross!”), cleaned myself up as best I could then went off to teach for 4 hours. Yeah, you can call me a badass, I don’t mind.
  • The staff at urgent care needs to have their funny bones checked, because I’m pretty sure they’re broken. I went to urgent care the next morning and told them that I got my laceration by saving blind, deaf baby unicorns from a burning building. Baby unicorn horns are sharp! They just said, “That’s nice,” and told me it didn’t need stitches but that I probably had a concussion. My cousin said their comment was really just code for, “We don’t have time for a psych screen.”
  • I couldn’t sleep because of my headache, and TV was sucking, so I did some watercolor sketches. I’m loving experimenting with watercolors when I travel! Easy to transport and clean up, and totally outside of my comfort zone. This is what I accomplished:

Prints are availableĀ here and here.

  • If you wear superhero underpants when you fly, your planes will be at least close to on time. Get a pair. Now.