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So my body has been full on shitacular lately. Not sure if this is a fibromyalgia flare, because it feels more like it’s in my joints than my muscles, but I could barely lift my arms the last couple days and actually had to wear my left arm in a sling because my shoulder hurt so much. So no great painting getting done. Sigh. I hate that. I’m feeling moderately closer to an approximation of what I imagine a normal human should feel like.

I did discover something a couple night ago, thanks to S, that gave me the giggles and terrified the cats. No idea why. I think S may be regretting that he taught me this by now:

Now I’m just waiting for the viral video where a “band” perfects the art of Starbucks Cup Music-ing and does a whole song this way. Get on it, people. I’m waiting.