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Today is all about freaks. Why? Because I said so. So here are 3 freaky things for your viewing and listening pleasure. This outta help you start your day off right.

First, several years ago, I was David Bowie from The Labyrinth for Halloween. Because David Bowie:

David Bowie.jpeg

Yes, that is a rolled up sock (actually MULTIPLE rolled up socks) stuffed down the crotch of my pants.

Second, I give you the first song I started my day with: Ani Difranco’s Freakshow. This is an excellent song to screamsing to.

And third, I give you the the second song I started my day with: Timmy Trumpet and Savage’s Freaks. This is an excellent song to stompdance to.

Good morning. Now go about your freakish day.


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