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I received my first review for Fractured Memories – and it’s from someone I don’t even know!! Woohoo! This makes it feel a little more real, somehow. Here is a link to her blog, which is an excellent resource full of great ideas for promoting happy and healthy environments for dementia patients. Rachael’s hands-on experience working with people with dementia gives her a depth of understanding that she conveys easily on her blog, so I highly recommend her site. Plus, you know, she said nice things about my book, so she should be rewarded with some visits and comments for that alone, lol. Anyway, check out her review!


Thanks so much for reading my ridiculous thoughts! If you’d like to see my ridiculous thoughts translated into art, visit my website, or follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Know a caregiver, or someone with dementia, or someone who knows someone with dementia, or someone who knows someone who knows someone else who’s a caregiver? Or heck, do you know a person? Well, you should tell them about my book, Fractured Memories: Because Demented People Need Love, Too. Part memoir and part coffee table art book, I recount my family’s heartbreaking and hilarious journey through my father’s dementia. Available to purchase here (this is my favorite way if you live in the U.S.), here or here if you’d rather get the eBook than a print copy, and here (especially if you want a hard cover copy).book-cover-1