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I don’t mean to brag or anything, but Fractured Memories is currently ranked 528,625th on Amazon.com. I know. I’m practically a bestseller. Beat that, book-that’s-ranked-528,636th. I’ve made about $15 on Amazon so far, so I’m considering retiring while I’m on top.

The question, though, is to what wonderful locale shall I retire? Honolulu was recently ranked “severely unaffordable,” so that sounds promising. When you factor in the 7 stickers with my art on them that I’ve sold for $0.12 a piece on RedBubble, we can add another $0.91 to the $15 I’ve made on Amazon. So I’m pretty sure Honolulu is doable. Okay, so I might not be the best at The Math, but I’m probably ranked around 528,625th among artists who are also mathematicians. I’m practically the new Federal Reserve Chair.

The moral of this post? Go into the arts, kids. You’ll be rolling in money.


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