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Hey there, shiny, happy people! On Saturday (4/8/17) at noon (EST), I’m going to be on Choice Radio Network being interviewed by Linda Burhans of Linda’s Caregiver Connections. You can read about her show here and listen live here. I believe you can listen to archived shows on her site (http://www.connectingcaregiversradio.com/), so if you’re not able to listen live, hopefully you can listen later.

As you listen, imagine me prettier and thinner than I am in real life. And imagine that I smell like I took a shower sometime in the last week.  God, I love radio. And imagine me sipping a bourbon martini glamorously while we chat. Okay, maybe a bourbon martini wasn’t a thing until now, but I trust you kickass people to make it happen.

I used to host a radio show in Virginia with my dad, and generally, this is what happened each show:

me and dad dancing at WTJU

And this is without bourbon martinis…

So expect good things. Hope you can tune in!


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