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I’m a dream-maker. My closest childhood friend brought her kids down for a visit at the beginning of this week, and it was a nonstop party, y’all.

T, the six year old, loooooooves art. I’m firmly convinced that I’m secretly her biological mother (I’m pretty forgetful, so it’s possible I birthed her and just don’t remember it). We had a blast coloring and painting and making messes all over the place. Several articles of clothing were sacrificed to the Art Gods in our efforts to fulfill her art-y dreams.

Painting 1Painting 2Painting 3

C, the four year old, not surprisingly, loves all manor of vehicles and heavy machinery. Luckily, we just happen to have two riding mowers and a tractor. Despite getting at least twelve inches of rain the first two days they were here, the skies cleared enough for us to head out to the haunt to see the equipment. C’s face when he saw the tractor and then honked its horn was hilarious. And then when he got to drive it? Utter joy. Dreams coming true all over the place! And S was awfully cute showing them how to work the bucket and stear. It was clear he was having as much fun as they were.

Connor on the tractor 4-25-17Talia on the tractor 4-25-17

I feel a little like a fairy godmother or Oprah or something. YOU get a dream! YOU get a dream! YOU get a dream! I love kids at these ages because they still think I’m cool and everything I do is new and amazing. It’s so much fun watching the world through their eyes. You should have seen how fascinated they were when I let them watch me taking my contact lenses out, for heavensake. The most mundane things are magical to them. It’s a good reminder to look for the wonder in the world around us.

They packed up and left this morning. The cats are relieved to have their house back. I’m totally exhausted, but it was totally worth it.  Now I’m off to wash my face a few dozen more times and pull the thousands of hair clips out of my hair.

make-up by T & C 4-25-17

If anyone has a fancy event they need hair and make-up done for, I know two little humans who would gladly help.


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