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As you know, I’ve been reworking old paintings from my paint and sip studio into new, quirky paintings that I call Page’s Ponderings (including the Little One paintings I’ve been posting over the last few days). Well, I finally got my butt in gear and got them uploaded onto Etsy for sale. I know, it shouldn’t have taken me so long, but I suffer from very serious conditions called laziness and too-much-other-shit-to-do-ness.

If you’re interested, you can find them here. And if you’re feeling generous, maybe post a link on your social media? And if you’re wishing I was generous, feel free to post a link to your own etsy/redbubble/fineartamerica/cafepress/zazzle/otherartrelated store in the comments below, and I’ll post a link on my social media.


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