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Continuing yesterday’s awesomeness, I’m sharing the inner thoughts of some of the sculptures we saw along our trip down the Seine. This trio was hanging out in the Louvre, which just seems dangerous to me. What if one of their balls (I mean the actual balls, not the one guy’s testicles) got away from them while they were playing and broke something? Clearly security at the Louvre is getting lax. Fair warning: statues like to swear a lot.

Louvre 29

“This has to be the worst game ever. Are we playing badminton? Baseball? We need to rethink what we hit the ball with. Maybe we should invent Quidditch now.”

Louvre 4

“Quit your bitching. I can’t believe I lost the coin toss. Next time we’re playing shirts and skins, not pants and skins.”

Louvre 7

“Shut up. Can someone get me a fucking sports bra?”