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As mentioned awhile back, I have a friend who has a bunch of chickens. There was something that was bothering me about the painting I did of her black star chicken, Aretha. So I changed up the background color and added more color into her feathers.

Aretha 2

Aretha, Black Star Chicken 5″ x 5″ oil on board $100

And I decided that it needed a companion painting because Aretha looked lonely, and we all know that there’s nothing sadder than a lonely chicken. So I created a painting of her pal Victoria, a lavender cochin chicken.

Victoria - Lavender Cochin

Victoria, Lavender Cochin Chicken 5″ x 5″ oil on board

Originals available here. Prints and stuffs and things available here, here, here, and here. And if you’re jonesing for some chicken music (I mean, are any of us not jonesing for more chicken music in our lives?), I give you this: