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LivingSocial sent an email under the title “Popular Activities” yesterday, so I opened it up to get some ideas of fun stuff to do. Along with mini golf and dirt racing, it offered this:


Really, LivingSocial? You think Notary Service is a popular activity? A necessary activity, perhaps, but popular seems to imply it’s something you want to go do. I mean, no one turns to their significant other says, “You know what we should do tonight? Let’s let loose and really have some fun. Let’s invite a notary over! Ooooooh!”

I was a notary when I worked in Florida. I can tell you, not much fun was being had notarizing legal document signings – at least not for me. But maybe my clients really enjoyed signing that last will and testament, who knows?

Also, if I recall correctly, I charged about $15 for my services. Granted, I didn’t go to customers’ houses to do it, but it wasn’t that big a deal for them to come to my office, was  it? Is it really reasonable that their normal fee is $90 and they’re providing this amazing offer at $45?

But if LivingSocial says this is the thing to do, who am I to argue? So if you’re looking for an awesome activity to do with the kids this summer, take advantage of this great deal and have a notary come over to play! And if you can get a bargain on a colonscopy, I heard those were “popular,” too.