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I know I haven’t posted in over a week. I swear, I’ll try to get back in the swing of things again soon, but my brain has been mush due to the stress about work stuff. I also swear that I’ll explain about that soon. But for right now, I’m just too excited because I found out that I have a fairy godmother!! A month ago, I saw this thing, a Body Chan, pop up in an ad on my  Facebook feed:


Posable figure

If you’re not familiar with the little wooden posable figures that they make for artists, this is what they usually look like.


It doesn’t even have a chin. And it has a stick up its ass. 

And they suck, because the range of realistic poses for them is severely limited. So I when I saw this thing, I got all want-y and posted on Facebook that I wished it was mine. And since I did, it keeps popping up all over the place because my computer is a pimp and is always trying to get me to buy its tempting shit. But I’ve resisted because, well, I don’t have so much of the monies. And also because I’m a little afraid of pimps. But it’s just been taunting me this whole time.

Today, it arrived in the mail. With no receipt. So I have no idea who sent it. I posted a pic of me with it and asked for the generous culprit to fess up so that I can thank them.

Posable figure in backage.jpg

I don’t look nearly as excited in this picture as I actually feel, but all the pics of me looking really excited also made me look really ugly. Hopefully, this adequately conveys at least mild appreciation and wonder, if not the complete and utter ecstasy that I’m actually feeling.

But it’s been 4 hours and no one has. This leads me to the only logical conclusion: I have a freakin’ fairy godmother, y’all!!! So now I’m thinking that I should start wishing for other stuff. Apparently wantiness works. Now that I have my new posable figure, who I have named Jackie (because the figure is called a Body Chan), she’s going to help me demonstrate to my fairy godmother all of my heart’s desires…you know, things like unicorns and calorie-free cheese. You never know. I might have multiple fairy godmothers with different powers like Sleeping Beauty.

I’m turning 40 on September 20th, and I’ve decided that what I really want to commemorate such a momentous birthday – no, what I really need – is 40 cupcakes.

Jackie with cupcakes

I recognize that these cupcakes, in proportion to Jackie, are regular-sized cakes, but I figure if a girl’s gonna dream, she should dream big.

Since I don’t want to be selfish, feel free to suggest things you want and I’ll wish for them for you.

Dearest fairy godmother, thank you for sending me my new best friend, Jackie. After her, you’re the bestest.