I’ve joined the ranks of a fantastic group of authors who have written books about dementia called @AlzAuthors. They featured my book, Fractured Memories: Because Demented People Need Love, Too, on their blog today. If you have a moment, please hop over and give their blog a looksy and a little love (i.e., tweet it, stumble it, flip it, etc.).


Book cover 1By Emily Page

Writing about dementia came about fairly slowly and organically. I’m an artist, so when my dad was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia at the age of 65, my natural inclination was to start doing paintings about our journey as a sort of self-prescribed art therapy. I used an elephant as both a symbol for and a talisman against dementia, because “an elephant never forgets.” As I created paintings, I posted them on social media with an explanation of their meaning, and people really responded to them. At the insistence of a friend, I started a blog to help promote my artwork, and it became a kind of online journal. Before long, I was getting tons of great feedback from my readers when I posted about what we were experiencing as we coped with caregiving. “Me, too!” was a phrase I started hearing a lot.

After my dad passed away…

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