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So, um, yeah. I turned *cough* 40 today. Yeah. Not sure how I feel about that. But then, I realize not much has changed since my first birthday. Sure, I’m a little less blonde,  and my hair’s a little longer. I weigh a little more. But my math skills are probably comparable. My dexterity is slightly better when it comes to painting, but not when it comes to just about anything else. My taste in alcohol has become moderately more refined. But some things really don’t change. I mean, cake is still cake:

Emilys first birthday cake schmeer

birthday frosting corrected 2

Okay, so my photoshop skills may need some work (photoshop didn’t exist when I was born!!!), but frosting still reigns supreme. Yes, that is real frosting and yes, it was delicious. Thank you, Frosting, for 40 wonderful years. Here’s to 40 more.