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Guess what time it is, kids? It’s Commission Time!!! Yaaaaay! It’s the time of year when people begin thinking about what on earth to get for the person they love who already owns all the ties, mugs, or earrings a person can possible own. It’s the time of year when people think, “Let’s see, my mom really likes apples. And unicorns. You know what my mom really needs for Christmas this year? A painting of a unicorn dressed like an apple.” But where does one find such a specific thing? From an artist, of course! That’s the beauty of commissions: you dream it, we make it!

unicorn apple

But here’s the thing: a lot of people don’t realize they need to commission their painting soon if they want it done by the holidays. And so they wait, and then they scramble, and Mom ends up with just another pair of earrings and a black hole in her heart because she thinks you don’t really care. Why would you do that to your mother? Why? WHY?!!

PLUS, you’ll be helping me earn enough money for that pair of earrings that my mom really wants. Come on, y’all, I’m unemployed.

This year, be one of the smart ones and contact me ASAP at emilypageart@gmail.com to put in your order so it’ll be ready in time for the holidays. Or you can purchase a painting here that’s just waiting to be adopted into a loving home. <cue the sad Sarah McLachlan song they always play for those SPCA commercials> Do it now, before it’s too late!