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So, this conversation just happened with my husband:

ME: Should we have a lesbian cat wedding and have Maddie marry Keely?

HIM: Absolutely not!

ME (a little shocked): Why not?

HIM: They’re WAY too young and there’s a huge age gap!

ME: But it’s cat years! If they’re 1 and 2, that’s only like a 7 year difference in cat years.

HIM: Exactly. Keely’s, like, 14, and Maddie’s 7. They’re too young to get married.

Sigh. I hate when he’s right.

dizzy laughing 1-9-18

This is neither Keely nor Maddie. It’s Dizzy. But he thinks we’re hilarious. And I suspect he’s secretly relieved that we’re not trying to marry him off. But now that I think about it, he and Maddie would make an awfully cute couple…