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Go thick or go home. That’s what I always say. Okay, so this is probably the first time I’ve ever said it, but roll with it, y’all. Part of the joy of painting over old paintings is that you kind of have to go thicker with the paint, which means an opportunity for more palette knife work and delightfully sloppy fun. Like the last painting I posted, this one is a cityscape, but more identifiably so. Don’t ask me what city. Since it’ll be hanging in the tattoo studio, we’ll name the city Ratatatslandia. Or Emilyville. Too “on the nose?” Well, I’m open to suggestion on the title. For now, we’ll go with something boring like, “Abstract Cityscape in Blue.” Wow. Catchy.

Abstract Cityscape in Blue.JPG

Abstract Cityscape in Blue 18″ x 24″ oil on canvas