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I realized that, after months worth of renovation work, I never posted pictures of the inside of the studio. I managed to do a lot of the work myself, but did have to hire contractors for some stuff like the floors and some electrical work. Anyway, here are some transformation pics for your viewing pleasure.

Here are a few before pics of the lobby:


Note the strange carpet and tile combo.


The space was weirdly divided down the center because the previous owner had taken 2 spaces and combined them into one.


After tearing out the non-rated wall splitting up the room, we put down vinyl flooring, and used a product called marmarino that’s kind of like an interior stucco treatment. It makes the walls feel like concrete and can be done in just about any color. Applying it for the texture I wanted took a little getting used to, and I learned that you have to mix huge batches if you want the colors to be consistent throughout the room. Were I to do it again, I might just go with white plaster and then do a lime wash over it. I didn’t want the walls to be uniform, so I’m okay with the color transitions, but I do wish the first layer had been consistently one color instead of some ending up dark and some ending up light. Luckily, I figured that out for the 2nd coat, so it looks pretty matched. Still, the overall effect is great and I’m a little in love with them.


lobby 3lobby 2lobby 1

The countertop for the check-in desk is really just plywood that I painted using a countertop faux finish. It’s the second time I’ve used their products, and overall, I like them. Just be aware that essential oils can strip the paint. Found that out the hard way in our half bath at home. Luckily, I had leftover paint (it really goes a long way) and was able to repair it.

We got the barnwood for the check-in desk and the coffee table from a guy we know who deals antiques. I love the barnwood because it’s real, not uniform faux finished wood like you find at Lowe’s or Home Depot. The coffee table is an old tool chest that we attached some legs to.

We changed out the solid white doors and installed glass doors that we stained to match the floors and the shelving we put in each studio room. The shelves are just 1″x6″ boards that I stained with a walnut color and attached with brackets.

There are 4 studio rooms that we’re letting the artists decorate themselves. Here’s what I did with mine:


Yes, those are hundreds of handmade butterflies on my ceiling.


And yes, that is a tree in the corner of the room.

my room 5.jpg

I made the tree out of leftover styrofoam from the haunt.

my room 3


And that’s that!