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Holy crap, I LOVE calf skin. The skin on the back of your leg, I mean, not the skin of a baby cow. And when I say I love it, I don’t mean, like, for dinner. I love to tattoo it. It is the perfect skin. It’s pre-stretched and firm as though it wants to be tattooed. It’s all, “Hey there, ladycakes, come shove some ink into me.”

So, yesterday I was supposed to do 5 tattoos, but then the weather decided to be an asshole and snow and I only got to do 2. But they were both on people’s calves and OH MY GOD I LOVE CALF SKIN!!!

bonnies-watercolor-poppy.jpgJon's Dopey and Empire State Building

Today, one of Julio’s regulars was in and I showed her pics of what I’d done yesterday and she asked me to give her a tattoo while she was in! So I got to do this little cutiepatootie.

Taylor's elephant and dandelion

And what I learned from her is that back of the neck skin is lovely. Side of the neck skin is a total asshat and is not my friend. But I’m doing my best to win it over.

I’m learning, folks, I’m learning.