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One of the things I’m figuring out as I learn tattooing is to think a little differently in how I create artwork. You don’t approach a tattoo the same way you work with acrylic or oil paints. It’s kind of similar to watercolor and drawing, except not. The order you do everything is different, and like when I was learning how to sculpt out of foam, I struggle to make my brain wrap around something that is totally different from everything I know. It’s different from what I’m used to being good at, so this is kind of a painful process for me. I hate being mediocre. To struggle at art, the one thing I’m actually really confident at doing, is really uncomfortable. But I want to learn, so I’m pushing through the discomfort and trying to grow as I learn this new medium.

In an effort to learn without the pressure of making something perfect that’ll be on someone’s body forever, I’m returning to canvas and paper and trying to create works that would translate well onto skin. I’ve seen some really fantastic tattoos of women, and I’d love to do one soon. So I’m playing around with ideas. If anyone wants to let me tattoo this one on them, lemme know. I know it’s a long shot, but I figure it can’t hurt to ask, right?

art nouveau girl 1

If you’re not up for getting this as a tattoo, but would like a print, t-shirt, tote bag, laptop skin, sticker, shower curtain, or just about anything else, you can get it here and here.