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I had a customer today who had an old tattoo on her inner arm that was misspelled and she wanted to get something else on the other arm to match it. So she changed the words, but decided to go all in on the misspelling. The first side said “To weird to live, to weird to die.” So I just did a tattoo for her that said “To stubborn to give up, to proud to give in.” I checked and double-checked with her to make sure she understood it was supposed to be “too” and not “to,” and she confirmed and reconfirmed. Hard to argue with her commitment. I did not take a pic because I didn’t really want to show it off as part of my portfolio, but now I’m kind of regretting that because you, lovely readers, would have enjoyed it immensely. Sorry ’bout that. But here are a couple other tattoos I did over the last few days:



Kathy sisters heart