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If you recall had this idea for a tattoo I wanted to attempt, and I posted it on here and on my social media and asked if anyone would let me do it. I had 2 people say yes, so I got one lined up (it’s happening in soon), and then offered a different idea to the other person. Here’s what I sent her:

drawing for Bonnie's fairy.jpg

She requested fairy ears, and we were good to go! Here’s the final product (my 19th tattoo, and the largest I’ve done in the 3 weeks that I’ve been tattooing):

Bonnie's fairy

I did the whole thing with a liner needle to get that crosshatched look. Takes a little longer than a shader, and I was worried it’d end up harsher than shading it in traditionally, but it ended up staying nice and soft. I just sort of grazed the skin to keep it light, so we’ll have to see once it heals how much of the ink disappears and how much stays nice and solid. Experimentation!