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My last couple Saturdays have been, apparently, Badass Babe Days. Lots of women coming in for their very first tattoos, or tattoos that are meant to remind them of their own inner strength (or both). This past Saturday was no exception, and I freakin’ LOVE being a part of it. I know these two women well, and we’ve bonded, in part, because they’ve each already lost a parent, too, and because they’ve had their own medical battles to contend with like I have. So getting to remind them of their own badassery makes me really happy:

Sarah D's daisy.jpg

For this next one, my friend came in and just got the outline and some shading, and she’ll be back once it’s healed a bit to add color. I love that she went so bold for her very first tattoo.


Doesn’t she remind you of Rosie the Riveter?