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I am LOVING these splotchy watercolor tattoos, y’all. They’re just so cheerful! And I can see my own progress from the first couple I did to the one I did today. In the interest of the tattoos holding up over time, I’ve made sure to include strong black  images that won’t fade as much as the colors. These days, though, tattoo inks have gotten pretty good and they’re lasting a lot longer, so it may not be as much of a concern as it used to be.

Here are the first couple that I did:

no day but todayconstellation watercolor

But I wanted to play with this style some more, so I decided to actually do some watercolor paintings. There’s a fabulous photographer whose work I love named Terry Davis (seriously, go check out her work), and she posted a photo of a daisy, and I loved the shape:

terry davis sunflower

I mean, isn’t this stunning?! You can get prints of it on Fine Art America.

So I used her photograph as inspiration for a watercolor daisy:



I have been forbidden by my tattoo mentor and by my husband from giving away any more tattoos, so I decided to auction this one off. I posted it on my Facebook page and let my friends bid on getting this tattooed on them. The friend that won requested some color changes and asked that we make the colors more splashy and less drippy. So I did a little tweaking and here’s what she got:

Bonnie's daisy

It’s such a happy tattoo! If anyone is interested in doing the original watercolor I’d auctioned off, let me know! It’s about a 2-hour tattoo.

And just for funsies, I took a picture of the tattoo before I added color, and I love it, too, as a stand-alone tattoo, so thought I’d share it with you.