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Right now, I still have a lot of down time at the tattoo studio as I wait for word of mouth to do its thing and bring me more customers. I’m putting that time to use playing with ideas for tattoos. I’m ever so slightly obsessed with mandalas at the moment, so I thought I’d share some that I’ve been doodling and noodling around with. If anyone is interested in getting one of these tattooed on them, let me know! I started with just a couple simple mandalas joined together with some paisley:


This one has already been claimed, but I can create something similar.

mandala ohm

I followed that up with a mandala peacock:


And then I got totally carried away and created several mandala and elephant drawings, which one of my genius friends dubber Mandalephants:




And then I made a copy of the last one and colored it in just for funsies:


I’m actually kind of wishing I’d left out the pink and purple, but whatevs.

If you have an idea for a new subject, like, say a lotus flower, or a cat, or a buddha, etc, feel free to suggest it!