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I had several memorial tattoos this week, which was pretty cool. It’s a really special thing to be part of helping people heal by documenting a loved one’s special role in their life. I commemorated everything from grandparents, to parents, to pets this week, including one guy who wanted his dog’s tooth mark (from when it bit him) tattooed on to look like a mole. I also got to help people document the latest phase of their lives and remind themselves of who they want to be going forward. And in between, I got to watch several pairs of sisters come in, and it was a blast watching them crack each other up and support each other through the pain of getting a tattoo. Aside from a couple people who I realized part way through tattooing were actually drunk and/or highly unstable, all in all, it was a good week. So with all of that in mind, here’s this week’s tattoo wrap-up:

butterfly on finger

crowns - Katie and Buckly

St Brigid cross - Mary Lumpkinmandala anklet - Mayawisdome circle - Nicole Finley b&w

be brave arrow - Kelli WilsonBonnie's turtles_compressedKim Bella ankle compilationliz-wilsons-sweet-pea.jpg