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Had some fun tattoos this week. Got to do my first chest piece. The customer already had the wolf and moon, as well as the roman numerals, but he wanted to fill in the rest. So I added trees and clouds that blended into the clouds on his arm. I also added shading on the lower part of his pecs to give the illusion that he has a bigger and more chiseled chest. His comment: “I look like I’ve been going to the gym!”

Isaac - chest piece

Another new customer has very little open skin left to tattoo, but has “the itch” again, so we found a spot for this little gem. Get it? Little gem?

crystals - Amanda Bretz

The next one tugged on my heart strings and made me feel the feels. Of course.

daddy's little girl - Brittney Thompson

And my favorite of the week was a walk-in who wanted a bear, an octopus, or something Star Wars-y. So I showed him some of my watercolors and he opted to go with the octopus and add a watercolor background. I have to admit, I’m proud of this one. I really love doing this style, so I hope I get more requests for stuff like this.

Octopus - Matt Onley