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It’s been a couple weeks since my last “weekly” tattoo wrap-up. My apologies. I’ll make up for it with extra pics this week of the truly WIDE array of requests and styles I’ve encountered over the last few weeks:

St. Joseph - Gary Hartman_compressed

Okay, so you’re really not supposed to do tattoos like this, because there aren’t hard edges, so it won’t hold up over time, but the customer insisted, so…

mandala lotus_compressed

No real story behind this one, but ain’t she purty?

hummingbirds mother daughter_compressed

Mother-daughter tattoos! See the word “mom” in the wing on the bird on the left? That’s for the grandmother. So really, they’re grandmother-mother-daughter tattoos.

focus - Audrey_compressed

For my photographer friend: a camera aperture and an excellent reminder of what it helps her do.

celtic arm band - Steve Dubrois_compressed

This customer decided to get his and his wife’s astrological signs worked into an arm band.

lioness - Kaitlyn Mars_compressed

For a woman owning her inner lionness.

Joan of Arc - Gary Hartman healed_compressed

The same guy that got the St. Joseph’s tattoo (the first one on here) really like saints, so we added a Joan of Arc.



I forgot to take a pic before I started updating this ancient, faded tattoo, but I did stop after I added the dogwood and started re-outlining the sunflower to snap a photo. So you can kind of see a before and after.

Elizabeth Arnold_compressed

One of the coolest things about this job is that people I knew from middle school and high school have traveled to get tattoos from me!


I love customers who tell me what subject matter they want but leave the style up to me!

skeleton key and flowers - Chessa Concari_compressed

My biggest piece yet. And she wants to add more. Squee! What’s extra awesome is that, if you’re going to spend long hours with someone, you hope it’s going to be a cool someone, and this girl is.

St. Cecilia - Gary_compressed

For the same customer who loves saints: Saint Cecilia. He’s a challenge to tattoo because he’s very animated and moves around a lot while you’re tattooing, so getting clean lines is TOUGH.

storm cloud - Becky Dawson_compressed

I just love this concept. She wants to add another storm cloud up and over the shoulder.

Mother Theresa_compressed

Yup, you guessed it. Mother Teresa for the saint-loving customer. Looking forward to getting a better pic once it’s healed.

Poison dart frog - Megan Coulson_compressed

A poison dart frog, but with the colors reversed because the customer likes blue.

MS ribbons - mark, lisa, erin, adam_compressed

And my favorite from the last couple weeks: the woman in the gray shirt has MS. She also has a couple other tattoos. The other 3 people do not have MS or any other tattoos. But when she said she wanted to get an orange MS ribbon, they all jumped on board and got one in her honor. Sometimes I really love people.