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You may or may not have noticed that I didn’t do a weekly tattoo wrap-up last week or the week before that. This is not because I don’t love you. It’s because the last couple weeks sucked all the sucky ways a suckfest can suck, and we had almost no business and the tattoos I did have were mostly uninspiring and I didn’t bother to take pics. But I’ll roll the couple fun ones I did into this week’s wrap-up instead, starting with:

daschund - Amanda Weber_compressed

My favorite from the last two weeks is this daschund…mostly because I got to say I tattooed a weiner.

Bear with Wings - Nicole Slater_compressed

A memorial tattoo for 3 different people, one of whom used to make these stuffed bears.

Cachea lily_compressed

A tattoo for this customer’s kids.

Thomasine Squire - hardest goodbye

Another memorial tattoo…obviously. This one choked me up just a little bit.

Thomasine Squire - infinity

Same customer as the last one. Didn’t get the specifics on why she wanted this one because I was too busy sniffling and wiping my eyes from the first one.

chess piece with halo - Amanda Cooper_compressed

Another memorial tattoo. She had the king piece on her left shoulder for her dad, and added this queen for her mom.

Mother daughter - Lisa Craycraft

Another sweet memorial tattoo.

Allison Shackleford

For a badass biker babe who wanted somethin’ kinda girly.


For a unicycler. Just kidding. Golfer. Obvi.

mother daughter plants

Mother and daughter came in to get tattoos together while they were on vacation. 

ouija planchette, runes, moon

For 3 friends who wanted to commemorate their reunion.

And some fun ones for Friday the 13th: