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We’ll start off with this week’s tattoo wrap-up with the most moving tattoo I did this week. It was actually a cover-up. The customer had been in an abusive relationship and the guy had talked her into a tattoo of their initials and rings on her neck. She finally got out of the relationship after several tries, and that tattoo was the last vestige of his hold over her. So when she saw that the old tattoo was completely gone and replaced with something else meaningful to her, she cried happy tears. I’m not gonna lie, I was damn close to happy tears, myself – especially after she gave me a huge hug and thanked me. It was a beautiful moment and I’m so grateful to have been a part of her reclaiming her body and her life:

Neck cover-up - Courtney Ackerman

Lynn Albert

No eyebrows? No problem. With microblading, no one needs to know.

Adam Allegrini's mom

This is pretty cool This woman is an artist and this symbol is her signature on her paintings.

Dragonfly and wildflowers tattoo

No real story here, just a nice ribcage tattoo of a dragonfly and some wildflowers.

bear and woods - John Howes

My very first full sleeve tattoo!! We did a marathon 7-hour session and only took one 15-minute break. This guy was hard core!!