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Lucky #13, y’all. It’s still been pretty slow at the tattoo studio, but things have picked up at least a little bit. Most of the tattoos I did the last couple weeks weren’t all that interesting to anyone other than the people getting them, but here are some highlights. My favorite of the week was my last one of the week. I really wanted some practice at realism tattooing, so I posted an image on Facebook and asked my friends if anyone would let me play on them, you know, with ink…permanently. And crazy people that my friends are, I had someone say yes. So here’s what she got:

Realist rose - Taylor Honeycutt_compressed

abrams tank sprocket - Jenna Guerra_compressed

This customer is married to a tanker in the military

anchor with birds - Jenna Guerra_compressed

No story behind this one that I know of, but it looks pretty cool, so I’m posting it.

feather and infinity name - Juana

Hailey is the customer’s daughter.

Kensey - hats and letters_compressed

This one is in honor of the customer’s favorite anime show.

Ollie Upperman - turtle and flower

I wish I had a better pic of this one so you could see all the delicate stippling in the skin and the flower, but it’s still cute.

puerto rican rose

For her heritage.

wings and cross

Didn’t get the store behind this one. Sorry.

Train & compass - Drew Easley_compressed

My second favorite of the week. My instructions were to design a train coming out of a compass like a tunnel. Since my dad was such a train buff, I really enjoyed doing this one.