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I’m late with this. I know. But I had reasons. Important reasons. All the reasons. One of which is hurricane preparedness. Because Aunt Flo – I mean, Hurricane Flo, is on her way and Raleigh has lost its damn mind. The store shelves were bare by yesterday afternoon. I think our house and tattoo studio are okay flood-wise, though I’m a little worried about trees coming down on the house. And I’ve lived through power outtages before, so I’ll make do,and reassure the cats that the world is not ending. But the haunt? The haunt will flood. Not a damn thing we can do about that except figure out how to charge the mosquitos for their new standing-water theme park.

But let’s talk about happier things, like tattoos. Here are a couple fun ones from last week:

Nautical half sleeve - Jenna Guerra

My favorite of the week. This customer had a rough relationship with someone in her family and decided to turn it into something positive by commemorating him with her favorite things about him. 

Xray Star Magnolia - Hannah Natour

An X-ray of a star magnolia.

Crows and moon

Don’t know why, but this one just struck my fancy.

treble clef anklet

This customer wanted an abstract treble clef/heart anklet so I came up with this.

That’s really it. Expect there to not be a tattoo wrap-up next week since we’re going to be closed several days this week for the impending weather doom. But I’ve been doing a little painting, so hopefully I’ll get my ass in gear and post my latest paintings instead. Hopefully. Don’t count on it. I’m lazy like that.