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Well, what do you know?! We didn’t get destroyed by the hurricane after all. Other areas weren’t nearly as lucky, so please, take a moment to donate to a charity working in the affected areas because there are a lot of people who lost everything. The only thing we really lost was about half a week of wages. Sucks, but it could have been SO much worse. And I actually did end up having enough tattoos to do my supposed-to-be-weekly post of tattoos:

Brayam and James lyrics

Had 2 customers get matching tattoo lyrics on their rib cages. Not sure what it really means, but I love the font they chose.

jellyfish - Rain Navarro_compressed

Probably my favorite from the week. A lovely little watercolor jellyfish.

roses - Brandy Rivera

This one came in last minute but I had just enough time to squeeze her in before we closed for the hurricane.

Sanskrit - Everything happens for a reason - Vickie Horner

“Everything happens for a reason” in sanskrit.

Jasmine Sipe cover up

A cover-up. Forgot to get a better pic of the before tattoo, so had to use the one the customer sent for her consultation.