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After a lousy week due to the hurricane, this week was a lot more interesting. I turned 41, for one thing, which wasn’t my favorite thing. It was one thing to have to say I was 40. It’s a whole other thing having to say that I’m “in my 40’s.” Le sigh. But I got to do a few fun tattoos and I wasn’t bored out of my skull while stuck at home waiting for the storm to kill me. First up was this trio of tattoos a yoga practitioner requested:

Fox mandala - Lindsay Easley

The customer wanted 2 foxes coming out of a tunnel that was also a mandala, so…

lavender - Kash Nizami

I wish I had taken a photo from farther away because this was on the customer’s sternum, and it just looked so damn good there!


For sisters whose mom calls them ladybugs.

broken heart - Zach Peltonen

Didn’t get the story behind why he wanted a broken heart, especially when he came in with his girlfriend, but this is his first tattoo.

Bonnie's lighthouse

The 7th tattoo I’ve given my friend Bonnie. She’s got a nautical theme going on both of her thighs. Looking forward to seeing this once it has healed.

Chandler Davis

Rib cages are a pain in the ass to tattoo, just FYI, but this turned out pretty well, considering.