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I came home last night to discover that, Dizzy, the weirdest kitty that ever was, had died while I was at work. He’s was only 5 years old and had appeared totally healthy, so the vet suggested that he might have had an undiscovered heart condition and had had a heart attack. We’re not doing an autopsy, so we’ll never really know. But I’m so sad that I wasn’t there for him in his final moments.

A cat with that much personality deserves a fitting send-off, so I’m reposting my past posts about him. Please wear a belt today in his honor, and strut around confidently showing it off.

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And one more video from a few days ago:

I’m gonna miss you, little boy. If there’s a heaven, I hope it’s full of wires and hair to chew on, and all the belts you could ever want to wear.