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Holy shit, I’m behind on these supposed weekly tattoo wrap-ups, you guys!! Mostly, because reasons. And also, because less legitimate reasons. So I’m going to break this one up over a couple posts because there are just a fucklot of tattoos to share with you. So here’s the first installment, going all the way back to October:

Playing cards - Gio

For a guy who hasn’t found love yet, but really believes in it.

Lion - Jordan Thomas


tribal - Tristan Miller

Recognize the pocket watch on the left? He came back for the tribal across his collar bone…

cross and banner - Tristan Miller

…and this cross and banner one. I swear, this guy sits so quietly I’ve decided he’s impervious to pain.

Flower chain - McKinnea Estridge

This girl came in with her parents to get this for her 18th birthday.

Aaron Walker - Hamburglar

One of my regulars is getting memorial tattoos for all of her dogs. They called one of her dogs The Hamburglar, so…

passport stamps - Nick Juers

I think getting passport stamps for the places you’ve been is such a cool idea. It was fun trying to get the tattoo to look like actual stamps.

ship and whale - Morgan Schore

No real story here, but it’s cool tattoo.