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As promised, here is part 2 of the sorta-kinda-almost weekly tattoo wrap-up #18:

mandala - Paige Crapser

A mandala for a friend I haven’t seen in 20 something years. I love people who you can go that long without seeing and it still feels totally natural to hang out. It was also nice to do some color work, since so many people have been requesting black and gray tattoos.

sanskrit - Lacy Bailey

Yes, I wrote down what this means. Yes, I threw the piece of paper out that I wrote it on. So no, I can’t tell you the meaning of the sanskrit.

pocket watch, dove, rose - Foster Nethercott

A fun walk-in on a random Thursday night. Looking forward to tattooing this marine’s other shoulder soon!

bridge - Krista Prince

The Chesapeake Bridge.

pine tree - Lacy Bailey

I love this little tattoo. I ended up doing a bunch of tree tattoos over that week…

wolf in moon - Matt Hancock_compressed

…including on this guy underneath the wolf and moon I did for him the same day.

cover up dream catcher to wolf - Mason Whitaker

And still more trees as part of this cover-up for a customer who found out via DNA testing that he wasn’t actually Native American after all. I really loved doing this one, in part because I got to use his grandfather’s train-engraved pocket watch as reference, and it was on my dad’s birthday. So I channeled my inner train-lover.

cover up cabin and ufo - Matthew Meredith

The guy that got the wolf tattoo above was here for work from Texas, and he came in with his buddy who got this cover-up, and the next 2 tattoos below. More trees anyone?

ducks and motorcylce helmut - Matthew Meredith

Okay, I never got the story for why he wanted the motorcycle helmet in the same scene as the ducks, but what the customer wants is what the customer gets…within reason. This is on the other side of the arm as the UFO and cabin scene.

moon - Matthew Meredith

A moon a little farther up the arm from the UFO and cabin scene. I’m guessing he’ll eventually fill in the space between.

Skull and flowers - Harlie Silvernail

Another walk-in who was excited to not have to wait several weeks to get her tattoo like so many other places had told her.

And that’s that! Several weeks of tattoos that were interesting enough to share with you. Several of these were walk-ins, which was really freaking cool, because I’ve been starting my weeks with almost nothing on the books, and by the end of the week I’m doing half sleeves. Loving it!