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That’s right. You may not have heard, but holiday sales are a thing, apparently. And guess what? They’re a thing on my website. I’ve got more paintings than I know what to do with, and you’ve got friends and family that need art to brighten up their homes and offices. Sounds like a perfect match. Come to think of it, your home and office could really use some brightening, too. No judgment, but you should really fix that.

Now until December 31st, I’m offering 25% off all orders over $100. Use Coupon Code HOLIDAY2018 when you check out. And note that I’m running the sale until the end of the year, so, if you want, you can sit down with the person you’re buying for and let them choose what painting they’re getting. Because I’m nice like that. And because I’m desperate like that.

So go to https://shop.emilypageart.com and order your artwork now! If you’re more interested in prints of my art or merchandise with my artwork on it, you can find those here, here, here, and here.