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It’s SLOW here. Soooooo sloooooow. It huuuuuuuurts. So there hasn’t been a ton of stuff to post. But here’s what I can share from the last couple of weeks:

Aaron Walker - polar bear

For a customer who is slowly getting tattoos that represent all of her dogs. This is for a dog she calls Polar Bear because he’s so big and white and fluffy.

Adam Agostini - Eagles logo

No explanation needed.

bulldog - Rob Tolentino

Doggie portrait

dandelion and saying - Chritine Rafter

I don’t really recommend foot tattoos, but the customer was forwarned that they don’t last as well. But since she went ahead and got it, it’s pretty darn cute, I think.

flying pig - Linda Tolentino

This customer’s first tattoo – because she believes anything is possible.

heat with mom - Kaleb Barker

Nice twist on MOM in a heart.

Ki Hids

From a Shel Silverstein book. Yes, it IS supposed to say “Ki Hids.”

Krista Prince bouquet addition

This customer had had a bad experience at another tattoo shop and didn’t trust the tattoo artist to finish and fix the tattoo. Luckily, we were able to finish it up so that she was happy with it.

lady gaga watercolor - Jason Snyder

This is my brush with fame. This guy is the cousin of Esther the Wonder Pig (i.e., his cousin owns Esther).

Mason Whitaker completed

This was a cover-up I posted a while back. It used to be a dream catcher. Finally got to finish it.

tulip poplar - Liz Underwood

A tulip poplar for a customer who I’ve known for years thanks to the sip and paint business I used to own.