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Notice that I’ve totally ditched the word “weekly” in the title. It’s 2019. Time for more realistic expectations, and realistically, based on past history, I’m not going to manage weekly tattoo wrap-ups. So here are the tattoos that I closed out the year with:

bull - Colin Trumbull

Aaahhh, bull. Looking forward to seeing this one healed so that the lighter grays are easier to distinguish.


butterfly - Jamie Stewart

Fairly self-explanatory.

catdog - Robert & Stephanie Freeman

I actually did 2 of these for a brother/sister duo.

compass rose - Ujjwal

Follow your arrow wherever it points.

de-livered - Steve Harris

I love this one. The customer had part of his liver removed, so he’s been “de-livered.”

dog ears - Marisa McKay

This one and the one below were to memorialize their rescued greyhound.

greyhound - Connor McKay

The numbers were tattooed in the ears of the actual dog.

heart - Kiran Chitla

As a surprise for his wife.

raven, timepiece trashpolka - Foster Nethercott_compressed

This customer is going for a good vs. evil theme. The other shoulder has a dove and a rose and a beautiful time piece. For this side, we’re going more trash polka.

starfish - Ray Merritt

This is to remind himself of the story of the little boy walking on the beach and throwing starfish back into the ocean. If you don’t know it, look it up.

tiger - Carl Cook_compressed

I’m so glad the customer decided not to add color to this one. His original plan was to include color in the tiger, but I love it as a black and gray tattoo.

tree with Maine in roots - Austin Merando

The space in the roots is Maine.

yin yang - Carol Engrahm

Just a lovely little watercolor yin yang.

Krista Prince - tree

No story here, just a nice tattoo.

owl - Veronica Lauvray

Cute little own.

And that’s it for 2018!! It’s been a long, crazy year, but I’ve learned so much – mostly that I love calf and forearm skin. So good for tattooing.