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I don’t actually know if it’s been a week, or two weeks, or what. Life is a blur. Not because I’ve been doing anything particularly exciting. Mostly just because I must have traded brains with a goldfish at some point in a drunken stupor. Bourbon. It’ll get you every time, amiright? Anyway, here are some more tattoos I’ve done in the last several days:


Let Your Light Shine…for her grandfather, who she called Poppy.


The sploof!! With a heart tail!


I love that the customer requested a snaggle tooth when I was designing this sea horse for him.


Memorial tattoo for her little sister.


A tattoo to commemorate her trip to Barcelona.


For a true Harry Pitter fan. She’s a Slitherin, by the way, so don’t mess with her.


I didn’t get a great, clear shot of this one, but here is Absalom, dropping some wisdom on yo’ ass.


I felt so bad for this customer. Look at the one on the left. A local tattoo shop owner did that one. The wings don’t even match each other. I was able to even them up a bit and make it more dynamic, but there wasn’t anything I could do about the fuzzy antennae.